8 costly mistakes to avoid when starting a business

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How To Write Engaging Social Media Posts

Writing social media posts that get a discussion going and inspire people to share and interact is an art. For the most part, your social media strategy should involve building your email list or sending them to your website so that they can become customers.

The Definitive Social Media Post Guide For Real Estate

Are you in charge of posting something on your company’s social media platforms and you dread it most days. What on earth are you going to post… today! But if this your job let’s reverse that yucky feeling in your stomach each day and tap into the most effective post ideas currently on the planet and turn your day in ooooh instead of aaaagh.

Marketing on Social Media Works Or Does It?

Marketing on social media the right way can take time to understand. Many of the social media sites are a way to make new friends or speak to existing ones. Already an internet marketer?

7 Great Reasons You Should Be Publishing On LinkedIn

LinkedIn Marketing for Small Business is becoming increasingly popular because it is a fast growing platform and the world’s largest professional network with hundreds of millions of users. Posting regular, valuable content on Linkedln helps to create trust between you and your connections and helps you to be seen as an expert in your field. Find out how to use LinkedIn to grow your professional network and better understand the reasons why you should be publishing content on LinkedIn.

5 Insider Tips to Negotiate Effectively With Influencers

Negotiating a fair price with social media influencers is a tricky thing for most brands when interacting with them on a data-driven influencer marketing platform. But you could master the negotiation skills if you know the insider tips. Explore tips to strike a better deal with influencers than usual. Learn more.

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