Authentic or Charlatan: Alex Becker | Can We Trust Him?

Time for an episode on Mr. Online Marketer Alex Becker. Every time the Subscribe and Like button gets smashed, I’ll gain some self-esteem.

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Authentic or Charlatan: Alex Becker | Make Money Online

Alex Becker has a set of skills that have allowed him to make a killing in online marketing. He was an SEO expert, taught SEO courses, created Source Wave and Source University, and made a lot of money. He took those earnings and created Market Hero, a SaaS company aimed at creating the best email autoresponder in the market place.

Since then, he’s created ads for Shopify, e-Commerce, dropshipping to funnel customers into his funnel in order to sell him his info products. This is the side of Alex Becker I imagine you do not care for. He was selling products like Tai Lopez and felt just as scammy.

Which is too bad because the software products he creates are pretty awesome. Market Hero is an excellent piece of software and something I would recommend for anyone starting an online business that relies on email marketing.

He’s now the CEO of Hyros and no longer interested in making videos or products in the Make Money Online niche.

There are essentially two personas with Alex Becker: the person selling digital info products that relies on hyperbolic claims of wealth and lifestyle and the person who has escaped that cult like community. He now focuses on productivity and running a successful software company.


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