[Free Course] $0-500K in 60 Days Dropshipping (Shopify & Facebook Ads) | Using Tai Lopez Product

This Video is a FREE COURSE on how you can take your own store from $0-500K in 60 Days with Shopify Dropshipping using Facebook Ads!!
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I share the exact product & steps that I took on my own store in order to generate $500,00K in 60 days. I separated this video into four simple steps that you can follow and start your own shopify dropshipping business today.

PROCESS FOR $0-500K in 60 Days
– Product Research
– Store Creation
– Ad Testing
– Scaling

PRODUCT RESEARCH – In this Free Course, I found the product scrolling on my Facebook ads Feed. I use Google to find similar competitors. I even share 2 tools i use to find winning products and winning Ad Creatives.

STORE CREATION – I used Canva to create a logo. I used Debut theme on shopify Drosphipping Store and just used same description as my competitors

AD CREATIVE – This is where i spent the most time because Ad creative is litterally the most important part of successfull Dropshipping Business and it makes facebook ads perform a lot better. I share multiple to get a ad or Create a Ad

TESTING – Testing is litteraly about finding a solid Strategy and sticking to it till you find a winner. I used the typical $5 Strategy to test products but instead of $5 i used $12. I picked relatable interest to hair dryer and most of them were audience size bw 20 -50 Million

SCALING – This is the most fun part of Shopify Dropshipping business. For some reason, People think it suppose to be difficult becuase thats what they have learned their whole life. During scaling Phase i just used CBO+ LLA and increase the budget by 150% every 4 days they were Profitable.

AND BOOOOOMMMMM i made 500k and you can do it too,,,So take some notes and get to work and start running some ads


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