How I Met Tai Lopez & How It Changed My Life – SCAM?!

In this video I’m going to be taking you behind the scenes on meeting tai lopez, how it changed my life forever. Is Tai Lopez a scam?? Is Tai Lopez FAKE?! Let’s find out.

From his here in my garage Tai lopez ad to his lambos, Tai lopez is a marketing genius. Tai Lopez is also an investor and advisor to more than 20 million dollar businesses. Tai Lopez’s 67 Steps program provides his path to a good life and includes his 67 Steps to Success, and VIP membership features access to his Video Archive Vault, monthly live video coaching calls, and his book a day recommendations.

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Sam Jacobs has started his eCommerce Journey at the game of only 17 Years Old. Since then he has generated over $1.6 Million and a whopping $11 MILLION by his students thru his strategies. He has been endorsed by people like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez and more. He looks forward to the journey together!

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