How to Survive a Severe Economic Downturn | Russell Brunson

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In order to survive and then thrive in a serious recession like the one we are entering, your tactics are going to have to change. Fortunately, serial entrepreneur Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels, and Impact Theory’s host, Tom Bilyeu, are both well aware of the fact that in times like these survival comes first. And you can also set the stage for extraordinary future success by doing the right things, right now, alongside simply surviving. In this episode Tom and Russell discuss how to rebrand and rebuild your career and your business, why you have to focus on survival first, and how to then take advantage of what could be your greatest opportunity.


Russell talks about how relentless practice turned him into a good wrestler [0:57]
The danger of tying your success to your identity [2:58]
How to keep going when you are beaten down and fatigued [5:24]
Russell advocates the virtues of a relentlessly competitive mindset [9:28]
Why you should shift your marketing before you shift your product [13:43]
Russell talks about first finding the people you want to sell to, then creating the product [19:39]
Tom and Russell discuss why you should focus on getting your basic needs met [23:46]
What are the eternal truths of marketing and getting customers? [29:00]
Tom and Russell talk about why you need to build your own platform [33:15]
The secrets to building a social media platform [36:43]
Russell explains how he stays motivated when times are bad [42:23]
Russell advocates that business is a call from God [45:20]
Russell shares the impact he wants to have on the world [49:03]


“I’ve never seen someone lose with a smile on their face.” [8:30]

“Endure long enough to get noticed.” [39:08]

“This is the greatest opportunity in the four decades I’ve been on this earth.” [45:40]



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