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What Alex gets right about nofap.

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Three Practical Ways to Deal With Social Media Burnout

Are you using social media in a healthy manner? This article explains the condition of having social media burnout and practical ways to avoid or eliminate it to enrich our lives on a daily basis.

Tips to Effectively Manage Your Social Media

Social media has become one of the most widely used marketing tools for companies around the globe. Almost every second person in the world has one or more social media accounts, which means as a company, making use of these platforms will give you access to your audience without any delays, helping you boost your brand and improve your revenue now and in the future.

Snapchat Has to Be Included in Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Here’s Why

Seriously, it’s a question that all of you marketing folk that don’t use Snapchat should be asking yourselves. Snapchat was the fastest growing app of 2014 and hasn’t looked like slowing down in 2015 and what’s best, it’s not too late to jump on the bandwagon. The mobile-app boasts over 100 millions active daily users, over 4 billion video views a day (as many as Facebook) and is the open door to targeting the elusive group that is the young millennials.

5 Basic Tips For Managing A Business Facebook Account

Facebook is a kind of social networking service which is initiated in February 2004. This website is controlled privately and held by Facebook Inc. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg.

6 Things To Never Ever Post On Social Media

Protection’s an irregularity nowadays, and your cherished online networking destinations are to a great extent to fault for that. In any case, there are things you are doing on those destinations that are exacerbating things. Before you ever hit “offer” again, ensure you’re not posting one of these six things.

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