Judge Judy Prank Call | Annoys Tai Lopez’s Customer Service Representative

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These are old prank calls that I’m reuploading. A few years ago, my videos were demonetized because I used movie clips in between the calls to make the videos funnier. I won’t do that again.

 The company called in this video did not sponsor me. This video has not been made to defame the company that was called in this prank call. The least I want from this video is to give this company more attention.
Thank you so much for the support. I hope you enjoy.
Ultimately, I want to thank God for everything!!! All praise is due to Him!
Thanks to Realm of Darkness for letting me use his Soundboards:
Thanks to JAYUZUMI for letting me use his soundboards. You can find his soundboards on his website at http://www.jayuzumi.com/
Also, thanks to IcenJam for his soundboard contributions to Realm of Darkness

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