RESULTS : 30 Days NO CAFFEINE Changed My Life

I’ve been off caffeine for 30 days and it’s literally absurd how much better I feel. In this video I will cover how I detoxed and got off it, how it felt and the pros and cons of quitting coffee and caffeine. Mentioned videos below.

Why I Quit Caffeine :

Why Caffeine Is So Dangerous :

Social Media: Does Social Media Encourage Exhibitionism?

It has often been said that some people require more attention than others, and this is something that can be seen in all areas of life. For example, one could think about what it was like when they were at school or college, and they might soon see how different people are in this regard.

7 Tips To Grow Sales Using Social Media

Social media has really changed the ways we market in recent years. marketers and small companies that understand the effect social media has on sales will surely do better than their competitors. The earlier sales representatives know this the better for them and their entire organization. Here are 7 ways to grow your sales using Social Media. Learn how to grow your sales faster than your competitors using social media.

6 Social Media Tips to Earn More Money for Your Cause

There are multiple ways to receive donations or money for you cause, but here are 6 tips to increase awareness and build popularity for your company or organization. If you live by these simple principles, you’ll see a sharp increase in your money making potential.

Social Media Marketing for Franchises – Build Your Business Into the Fabric of Your Community

Trying to build mutual trust between your business and your community? Learn the essentials of social media marketing for franchises!

Social Media: Do Some People Objectify Others On Social Media?

When some people use social media, it is a way for them to stay in contact with their friends and family. Some of the people they know could live down the road or a few hundred miles away, and others could live in another country, for instance.

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