RUSSELL BRUNSON: The #1 Fastest Way To Make Money Online in 2020! (TRAFFIC SECRETS BOOK)

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Why Russell wrote Traffic Secrets (2:03)
How to find your dream customers (5:38)
Difference between renting and owning your traffic (11:00)
Keys to building a devoted culture (14:25)
Russell’s writing challenges while creating Traffic secrets (19:53)
Russell’s advice for newbies (21:45)
Keys to making powerful decisions (25:14)
Mindset for action moving forward (28:24)
Russell’s final thoughts (31:03)

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Hey everyone! Enjoy this powerful interview where Russell Brunson shares with us how he was able to build a 9-figure membership business w/ Click Funnels and how he’s helped his students around the world succeed through what he believes is the # 1 pre-requisite to make money online – building traffic! He also discusses his BRAND NEW BOOK “Traffic Secrets” which dives into everything he’s learned about finding, targeting & acquiring your “dream customers” while #marketing online. He also explains the value of traffic in 2020 & why it’s exactly what you need in order to take your business to the next level.

It was an honor to have #RussellBrunson on the show, as I’ve been a #ClickFunnels member for over 3 years now & love the platform ! There’s so much value in this interview & I absolutely loved filming it!

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