Tai Lopez Credit Mentor 3.0 Course Review

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Today I am review tai Lopez’s credit mentor 3.0 course. This course did come out about a year ago and now and I’m making this video review to show you guys how it works and if it is still a good buy. With in this video you’ll get to see how many modules are in the course and how many lessons actually are being taught.
The Instructor is the credit card guru, Stephan Lou. and I first started following him back in 2017 when he only had under 10k followers on instagram and quickly has grown a huge following. When he made this course he did give his best information but up to that date. Credit is a game that is always changing. As I describe in the video how lenders who issue credit are the game makers this course shows you how to do more research outside and strategies on growing your credit, Repairing your credit, and leveraging your credit to be able to an investor. It’s important to remember that this is a course for beginners to open their knowledge over credit. It did open my mind and when I originally purchased it for $497. I have had a significant ROI. I’ve learned how to maximize cash back rewards with issuers and gotten a 400% ROI. I am going to Vegas soon complementary from Chase!

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Thank You for your valuable time and have a great day! Go out there and make that money!

Thank You for your valuable time and have a great day! Go out there and make that money

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