Tai Lopez: Here in my Garage to a Future Billionaire

Tai Lopez is a self induced celebrity and started from Here in my Garage and his next moves will likely take him to become a Future Billionaire. Enjoy! Add me on insta @ThisisJohnWilliams

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Tai Lopez, here in my garage ad was the most impactful ad to ever hit social media. I firmly believe that, simply because he was really the first person to run an ad and run an ad with that level of commitment and passion with the cash and capital to back it up. He has received over 70M views on the here in my garage video.

After watching many hours of Tai Lopez’s motivational videos, his ted talk, his various sales and pitches I have to say that he was the best to say “swipe up”. His pitches are very subtle, effortless in a way, he can talk for hours without really saying much but that whole time he is developing a relationship with the consumer and doing it in spectacular fashion.

His 67 steps program that he sold through the here in my garage ad generated him tens of millions of dollars in gross revenue and he stock piled that cash and used it for further advertising.

He got around high flying celebrities like Mark Cuban and Rihanna and through that he gained even further credibility and dominance to where people couldn’t distinguish the levels of command, they immediately assumed tai was at that level.

This further motivated and drove more sales and from there Tai’s survival background led him to think much more long term. Think about how he can exit the course sales and focus on something with much more potential. He realized that he could not run ads at 50-60 years old and drive the same revenue. There was an expiration to his current business model so he exited.

Tai now used his social media track record, his high flying connections and capital that he accumulated through his course sales to gain the credibility to buy distressed brick and mortar businesses. Look at his business Dr. Alex Mehr who sold Zoosk for 300M – this again was a smart move from Tai. He can leverage Alex’s credibility, capital and connections to further Tai’s agenda for online domination. This is where he will really blow up and see his success, the courses were warm up and simply a way for him to get his face out there and gain a better understanding for online sales and online advertising and now he can finally express what he’s learned in grand scale.

If you ever notice in his talks he is always focused on Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs and Elon Musk and these top billionaires because thats what he is focused on. He is focused on making it to the big leagues. That 10 Figure Club “1,000,000,000”

Him going to a bank with his track record, his investors and the credibility hes built will likely lead him to assume a large loan that he could use to buy one of these big companies like dress barn and pier 1 imports. All he would need to do is come up with the downpayment.

The rest he simply runs it like its an online store. Rather than selling 1,5 or 20 courses he’ll run the online and sell 20,000 products and can incentivize customers to be consistent and come back and back, possibly with an amazon prime type of situation.

He already bought Pier 1 Imports and Dress Barn, my guess is he will buy a few more and who knows, maybe Amazon will find more value in buying him out than competing with him? If that happens, then he will hit that billion dollar club.

Tai has a million haters and most successful people do. What he’s built online and in his life in a short period of time deserves recognition. There is a lot that can be learned from what he’s done and what he’s doing.

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