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Today’s guest on the Unlock Success podcast is Russell Brunson. He is a life-long entrepreneur, public speaker, digital marketing expert, and the creator of the world’s most popular funnel building software – ClickFunnels.

In this episode Anthony dives deep and asks Russell what inspired him to create ClickFunnels, but even more importantly, when he knew it was time to go all in on this one company, despite managing 8-9 businesses at the time.

Here’s what you’re going to learn listening to this dynamite interview between two legends of Digital Marketing.

-How ClickFunnels began – this will teach you so much about building YOUR business

-Why building a business around your passion is GREAT, but what 2 questions you need to ask to make sure it’s going to be profitable.

-Russell’s scariest moment while building ClickFunnels (he still has nightmares about this) and the one step he took to turn an angry mob into a loyal following.

-The #1 secret for balancing work and family life when you’re the world’s busiest marketing entrepreneur. (HINT: The secret is NOT to work from home, that may be worse!)

-The path that helped ClickFunnels grow so fast and how ANY business can model their success.

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