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Russell Brunson discusses how to build the value ladder and the sales funnel, how to advertise your business through Russell

The Secret of Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media marketing, most people market online in the traditional way through overloading their social media profiles with sales and promotions. This doesn’t work anymore.

Social Media and Service Companies

The impact of social media on service companies is much greater than was imagined back in the days of making our own buying decisions. The decision making process now relies not on the individual, but on the opinions of peer groups. Without social media, how would we know where to eat or even open a bank account? For decades service companies have relied on direct mail and print ads. Like every other company that relies on customers, service companies must make the transition or be left behind.

5 Twitter Marketing Tricks You Might Not Know!

Can you remember a time before Twitter? It’s hard for me, because it seems as if I’ve been on there forever. I’ve been operating an online business ever since the Internet became a thing, and started using Twitter in February 2008, just a couple of years after it launched (March 2006). While I didn’t make the most use of it back then, I’ve hung in there. My very first tweet was “I’m opening a Twitter account.” Today it’s a major component of my social media marketing strategy.

15 Random Things NOT to DO on Social Media

I love social media. I really do. But, there are certain things that make me want to scream. Yes. There are right ways to use social media and wrong ways to use social media… good things to do and say, and bad things to do and say. Everyone seems to have their own ideas, right or wrong about how to use social media and what’s acceptable on social media. Including yours truly!

Top 5 Myths About Social Media Marketing

No doubt, Social Media is one of the most powerful sets of tools that have the power to make or break your brand in the market. It is really helpful for the growth of your business, and you should implement it in your marketing strategy.

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